Kanishk Gaur is a renowned Digital, Cyber Security, and Public Policy Expert.

Kanishk Gaur

Kanishk Gaur is a renowned Cyber Security, Public Policy and a Digital Technology Expert specializing in Cyber Security, Data Protection, Privacy, Policy Regulation, Safety and Digital Laws. He is a host and Tech Commentator on leading News Channels. He regularly writes for India's Top News Journals—The Economic Times, The Financial Express, Business Standard, The Print.

Areas of Expertise

Kanishk advises various ministries of the Central Government such as the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), NITI Aayog (Formerly Planning Commission) and the National Security Council Secretariat (Prime Minister’s Office) on Digital Expansion, Cyber Laws, Strategy, Policy, Governance, Data Protection and Security Emerging Technology (5G, IoT/OT).

With over 15 years of experience, Kanishk is a leading voice from the cybersecurity domain. During his association with the field of cybersecurity, he has advised/helped organisations to protect themselves against advanced threats, online harms and misinformation. His expertise, in the field of cybersecurity, has helped organizations across sectors safeguard their digital assets.

Kanishk is an expert in matters of cyber defence and security, providing guidance on cybersecurity and advanced threat intelligence to governments and companies. He has advised global defence and security companies and works closely with governments on cybersecurity strategy. His expertise helps clients protect their critical assets and critical infrastructure from emerging cyber threats.

Years of working with and advising governments, tech related issues and on emerging technologies has endowed Kanishk with extensive experience in public policy. Kanishk always makes it a point to put forward his views, especially when comments, on the same, are invited. He has also helped organisations put forward their views, on policy matters.


Kanishk is an expert in matters concerning international trade and cyber diplomatic relations and has advised companies, across industries, in the said field. He provides guidance on development and compliance to security policies such as European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), responds to cyber incidents and is involved in training of stakeholders for best practices in cyber security.


Using his rich experience of working in the field of technology, Kanishk helps his clients understand the nuances of the ever-changing digital technology space. He advises companies and governments on how to implement security standards and ensure compliance of the same. At a macro level these efforts help in building a safer Internet for all.


Kanishk Gaur

With Governments

Kanishk advises the Government of India and the Government of United Kingdom on cybersecurity, data protection and policy regulation to help them develop effective strategies and standards.
Kanishk Gaur

With the Industry

Kanishk advises businesses/companies on cybersecurity, privacy, digital transformation and implementation of emerging technology so that they stay ahead of the curve.
Kanishk Gaur

With Global Development Agencies

Kanishk works with UN agencies like UN Women, UNODC, UNICEF, FCDO to promote digital literacy, financial inclusion, online safety, cyber awareness thereby empowering vulnerable communities.
Kanishk Gaur

With Not-for-Profits

Kanishk leads India Future Foundation, which aims to foster & build Digital Ecosystems that guarantee users Freedom of Expression, Trust and Safety.

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