Kanishk Gaur is a renowned Digital, Cyber Security, and Public Policy Expert.


Kanishk Gaur

With Governments

Kanishk advises the Government of India and the Government of United Kingdom on cybersecurity, data protection and policy regulation to help them develop effective strategies and standards.
Kanishk Gaur

With the Industry

Kanishk advises businesses/companies on cybersecurity, privacy, digital transformation and implementation of emerging technology so that they stay ahead of the curve.
Kanishk Gaur

With Global Development Agencies

Kanishk works with UN agencies like UN Women, UNODC, UNICEF, FCDO to promote digital literacy, financial inclusion, online safety, cyber awareness thereby empowering vulnerable communities.
Kanishk Gaur

With Not-for-Profits

Kanishk leads India Future Foundation, which aims to foster & build Digital Ecosystems that guarantee users Freedom of Expression, Trust and Safety.
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